The following poem was written in response to being involved as a support person to those who have experienced domestic violence.


Domestic violence is not limited to men against women even though the statistics will support that men are more aggressive to women, not all victims are women. It is also important to note that not all domestic violence events occur to those who live or reside with their abuser. Some victims either live at home with their parent(s) or with someone else, yet find themselves trapped in a relationship with someone who is abusive towards them.

If you or someone you know is involved in an abusive relationship and you are unsure who to call or speak to – take some time to contact your local Victim Services branch or office. They should provide you with the necessary tools to guide you to living your life safely…not in fear.

The Cycle

Her eyes, wide in bewilderment saying “What the ****?”
Her face was red where his fist had struck.
Her lips swollen, cracked in places where her teeth bit,
Her tears had dried up and quit.
I could see the damage that had been done,
I couldn’t believe it could happen to someone so young.

She loved him.
She loves him.
She can no longer see past the fear,
She had only been with him for a year.
What went wrong?
What did she do wrong?

I hold her hand and listen to her soft voice,
I hear her tell me she had no choice.
I see the pain in her movements,
I show her the legal documents.
The shelter is ready to receive her,
The police have provided a driver.

Her eyes have seen that it wasn’t her,
Her lips speak of what she had to conquer.
Her tears now only flow in memory,
Her face is filled with hope and prosperity.
She leaves the shelter with renewed hope.
She returns to him expecting she can cope.