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Tilling Bones

The following fictional short story was written during my downtime from my full time work. I needed to escape the ceaseless demands and create a fictional story which enabled me to expand my writing genre. Enjoy the read. Before he… Continue Reading →


From as early as I can remember, writing was something that I would do to ease the stress of being a child. Of being the typical bullied, little boy who matured later than others of the same age. My brother,… Continue Reading →

The Cycle

The following poem was written in response to being involved as a support person to those who have experienced domestic violence. READ WITH CAUTION. Domestic violence is not limited to men against women even though the statistics will support that… Continue Reading →

Craft Beer Code Dating Woes

Dear Craft Breweries: Please develop a standard for labelling your products’ “best/enjoy before” or “packaged on” dates. For those who do not know, all canned beverages (alcoholic or not) have a date of some sort on the bottom of the… Continue Reading →

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